November 21, 2015 · Wordpress Ghost

Sold out on Wordpress?

Some have people have been surprised that I have moved over to Ghost. Yes there is still a fair bit of old content that needs to be moved over but that's for another day. The truth is I still like wordpress, its powerful, well supported and easy to setup. Yet at the same time its bloated. I have used wordpress for over 10 years. I am still maintaining DiaryPress. When it came to a personal blog I don't have that much spare time to write but when I do I wanted to try a new platform that was written in a language that is not hemmed in from the past. PHP is still a great technology and when PHP7 comes out it will have 2.5x the performance of the previous generation. I'm sure I will be using wordpress for a long time yet, but its nice to use something different too. Ghost hits the sweet spot.

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