May 29, 2017 Premium - Bring your own domain don't pay $10 Premium is Windows Live Domains in new clothes with a bit of modernisation. Its not a criticism mind, its a great service for consumers who wish to have a decent e-mail wiht their own domain. Its reliable and generous at £14.99 for the first year (£38 thereafter) to give up to 5 people advert free and there own You also get 5 alias.

The alias feature is probably the biggest change to premium when compaired to Windows Live domains. Previously it was only possible to manage alias using a third party tool walias or via manual API messing.

Outlook Premium
The MX Records are the same as they were with windows live domains. The important thing is though, don't pay $10 (£9ish) extra for the domain this is because:

This person learnt the hard way as below shows: Premium domain tied in

You can get round this problem by registering it yourself and linking to the premium service for free.

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