I have setup nearly every type of server in my time from cold fusion to a simple LAMP stack. However one I have always ran a mile from is e-mail. Don't get me wrong I like the idea of hosting my own e-mail but never really taken the time to learn about it. I suppose when you can go with something like Google Apps, or Office 365 its a hard offering to beat. You get a lot of features for very little money. When you consider that hosting costs £10 a month then backup servers another £11. Its far cheaper.

The story is starting to change though. iRedMail has been around for a number of years that makes mail server setup easier, there is a new kid of the block called Mail-in-abox which gives you a fully working setup in one command. There is no way I could mess with my production domain so I setup a test one to mess around with. I'm still playing but check back soon for a guide.