Washing Machine Filter Cleaning

This guide explains how to clean your washer filters. Because the flats and houses use rainwater it is essential that the filters are cleaned annually or sooner if your washing begins to smell or you are not happy with the quality. Doing this is very simple.

Pull the washer out making sure you have turned it off at the mains using the wall switch. Next turn off the water supply using the switch on the pipe. Before you start it may be useful to have some towels in case a small bit of water comes out of the pipe ends.

Washing machine out

The washer will have a hose on each end. It may be stiff but it will unscrew.

Pipe with grit in

You will see a filter at each end. In this example its on the machine. The other end will be inside the pipe
inside the machine

Clean any grit out with an old toothbrush works particularly well. Repeat for the other end of the pipe.
other end showing grit

After cleaning out the pipes should be clean:

clean pipes

Make sure the hoses are tightly connected. Turn the water supply back on and put the washer back (make sure you don't trap any cables), finally turn on the mains power to the machine. The machine is clean.