Dimplex Support

This page contains information on how to programme the dimplex heating system.

Heater Manuals

Heater Quick Start Guide - The quick start guide

Heater full guide - The full manual on heaters and basics on programming

Auxiliary controller - The manual for the interface that allows tanks and towel rails to be connected

Programming Guides

RXPW4 - How to programme the RXPW4 guide can be found here teaches you how to programme your Dimplex heater. It's still a work in progress but the basics are there. A pdf version will be added once its finished

RXPW4N - Coming soon

Programmer manuals

Programmer Manual (Original - RXPW4) - The full manual for programming the heaters

Programmer Manual (Newer - RXPW4N) - The full manual for programming the heaters

Which Programmer do I have?

Identifying your programmer is easy. Simply look at your controller and compare to the below. You will see the model to the left. Then simply select the guide or manual you need above.



All manauals / products are copyright Glen Dimplex Group.