Configuring Nginx SSL Properly

When it comes to securing a website in transit encryption is an important part. Secure Socket Layers or SSL is the technology that enables this. If Ivan Ristic was here the first thing he would do is correct me and say TLS. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the modern iteration of SSL. Although most people […]

FTPS Setup on MyBook Live

I have managed to get FTPS (secure ftp) setup. FTPS is the same as FTP but the connection between the my book live and the computer is secured like when you shop online. Before you begin you need to make sure FTP and SSH are enabled on your live book. Doing this is well documented […]

Ubuntu firewall (UFW) Top Tip

Ubuntu has a great firewall called Ununtu Uncomplicated firewall or ufw for short. It is a alternative command line interface for iptables. One feature that is not well documented is how to use IP address ranges. Sometimes this can be useful if you want to block or deny a range of ip’s for whatever reason. […]